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Excitement is building as the Gladiators train for their first Arena battles throughout the great Guilds of Praetoria! Battle Mages are providing good business for the newly opened Guild Stores, equipping themselves with various magical artifacts to give their guilds an edge over rivals. There's plenty of inventory, so get down to your local Guild Store and satisfy that shopping itch today!

The higher your store level, the greater your bonus for merits gained from brawl participation, (to receive SPS or merits at all, the store must be at least level 1)

  1. Merit bonuses - The higher the Store level, the more Merits you will win as rewards for Brawl participation. These Merit bonuses will also apply to Merits earned from the daily and season reward chests. In order to be eligible to receive Merits, your guild must have at least a level 1 Store, so constructing this building right away should be a priority.

  2. Store items - Reaching certain levels will unlock new items, which will then be purchasable in the Store. Guilds should strive to reach Store level 2 as quickly as possible, as that unlocks Gladius Cases for purchase.

Level: Increasing your store level improves your Merit bonus while also unlocking new items for purchase.

Cost: Store construction requires a cost in both Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and Crowns. Crowns are awarded to guilds that participate in Brawls. Once Dark energy Crystal (DEC) requirements have been met, a guild leader may pay construction costs from the guild’s Crown balance.

Merit Bonus: This shows the percentage of merit bonuses received per store level. Many items in Splinterlands can only be purchased by merits.

Inventory: As new items get unlocked, these items get added to the store’s inventory for purchase at the individual levels.

Buying Store Items

To go shopping at your Guild Store, click the VISIT STORE button from the guild building page, or navigate to the GUILD tab of the Splinterlands shop screen (the GUILD tab will not be visible unless you belong to a guild that has at least a level 1 Store):

Store items cost a mix of both Merits and Crowns. Items purchasable for Crowns are things that benefit the guild as a whole. Items purchasable for Merits will benefit individual players.

The items currently available are:

  • Gladius Cases - Gladiator card packs. Like the Gladiators themselves, Gladius Cases are SoulBound (cannot be transferred to other accounts or sold on external marketplaces).

  • Spy Glasses - Useful magical gadgets sold for Crowns, which allow your guild to spy on other guilds during the Prep Stage. Guild Leaders should strive to always keep a couple of these on hand.

  • Blood Stones - an analogue of Legendary Potions, these magical stones allow Battle Mages to double their chances of receiving Legendary cards when opening Gladius Cases.

  • Power Stones - an analogue of Alchemy Potions, Battle Mages use these to focus their concentration and double the chances of receiving Gold Foil cards when opening Gladius Cases.

Note: Legendary Potions and Alchemy Potions DO NOT work on Gladius Cases.

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