Staking Splintershards
Staking Splintershards is a simple way to earn greater rewards and perks for holding the token within Splinterlands.


Staking is a way of locking in your SPS for additional rewards on multiple levels.
Once staked, SPS tokens are subject to an unstaking period of 4 weeks. Once unstaking of tokens has been initiated, they will be released into the liquid supply at a rate of 1/4 per week for 4 weeks.

Staking Rewards

Initial SPS staking rewards began on Monday, August 2nd. The total reward pool for staking SPS tokens started at 7.5 million tokens per month, and will be reduced at a rate of 1% each month.
Each player's share of current staking rewards is based on the amount staked by that player and the total amount staked by all players.
Staking rewards are calculated and accumulated automatically, and can be claimed anytime by the owner, at which point they are added to the player's liquid SPS balance.

Additional Rewards

Later additional rollouts for staking rewards will include staking on players, play2earn SPS battle rewards, access to exclusive presales, promotions, tournaments and more. Please visit the REWARDS PAGE of the SPS whitepaper for more details.