TribalDEX Diesel Pools (SPS)

Use this guide to provide liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:SPS Diesel Pool on

Deposit HIVE into your Wallet

  1. To provide liquidity to the Diesel Pool, you will need equal values in HIVE and SPS. Deposit the amount of HIVE you wish to provide to the Diesel Pool. It will be converted to SWAP.HIVE.

Deposit SPS into your Hive-Engine Wallet

If you already have SPS in your Splinterlands account

Deposit SPS

  1. In Splinterlands, go to the SPS Management Page by clicking on your SPS balance in the upper right.

  2. Go to the SPS tab and click on the Transfer button.

  3. Enter the amount of SPS you wish to deposit, then select Hive Engine Wallet from the dropdown menu. Your Hive-Engine wallet is the same as your TribalDEX wallet.

  4. Click Transfer Out and sign the transaction using Keychain.

If you do not have SPS in your Splinterlands account you can Swap some of the Hive in your Tribaldex account for SPS as follows

  1. Go to your Tribaldex Wallet and select the Pools tab.

  2. Click on the Swap tab.

  3. Select SWAP.HIVE as the currency that you would like to swap from and enter the amount of SWAP.HIVE that you would like to exchange for SPS.

  4. Select SPS as the currency that you would like to swap to. The amount of SPS you will receive for this transaction will be completed automatically based on the amount of SWAP.HIVE you have entered.

  5. Click the Swap button to complete your transaction.

Providing Liquidity to the Pool

Now that you have corresponding values of both SWAP.HIVE and SPS in your TribalDEX wallet, you are ready to provide liquidity to the Diesel Pool.

  1. Go to the POOLS tab.

  2. Click the Add Liquidity tab.

  3. From the dropdown, choose the SWAP.HIVE:SPS pool.

  4. Enter the amount of the Base Token (SWAP.HIVE) you wish to provide. Then the amount of the Quote Token (SPS) will be automatically filled in with an equivalent value.

  5. Click Add Liquidity, then sign the transaction.

You have now provided liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:DEC Diesel Pool on TribalDEX and are eligible to start receiving LP rewards.

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