Card Supply

Each Splinterlands card has a finite print run, and cards are never printed again once the print run ends.

The number of cards in circulation can be found in a few locations, most obviously on the specific unit/summoner’s CARDS page.

This number represents the total number of the selected cards in circulation. If new copies of a card are currently being found via Booster Packs or Reward draws, then the circulation will increase per new card found. Whenever copies of a card are combined or burned from the supply, the circulation goes down.

When cards are combined to level them up, many cards become 1 card. For example, if 20 individual Blackmoor Tricksters are combined, those 20 individuals (1 BCX each) are removed permanently from the supply, and a single Blackmoor Trickster (20 BCX) remains. So the net, in this case, is a loss of 19 Blackmoor Tricksters from circulation.

Set Cards vs Reward Cards

When Booster Packs are opened, each card flipped has a unique chance of dropping a card from the current set based on universal rarity chances. This means that as long as some Booster Packs from each set have not yet been opened, the exact maximum supply of any specific card from that set cannot be determined, only estimated.

With older Reward cards, on the other hand, there was a finite number of each card that were issued. Therefore, the print run of each Reward edition card was able to be tracked based on what percentage has been printed. The print status of each Reward card is searchable with THIS TOOL, created by community member @kiokizz.

Current reward cards (Soulbound reward cards) do not have a set limit, though when another set of new cards is in planning, this may be specified.

Once a card is no longer printed, the circulation of that card will only go down, because the cards in circulation can only be transferred, combined, and burned.

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