Cub Defi

DEC can be traded for BUSD (Binance Dollars) on this Binance Smart Chain DEX.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an independent blockchain that runs side by side with the Binance blockchain and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. To learn more about how BSC works, VISIT THIS POST.

Buying DEC on Cub Defi

Preliminary Checklist

  • You must have a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet (Metamask is recommended).

  • You must have added the tokens BUSD and DEC to your Binance Smart Chain wallet.

  • You must have a quantity of BUSD in your wallet with which to purchase DEC.

  • You must have a small amount of BNB in your wallet to cover transaction fees. You'll find guides to the above steps on THIS PAGE.

How to Buy

  1. Login to Cub Defi with your BSC wallet.

  2. Click Trade in the column on the left, then click Exchange.

  3. In the upper field, select BUSD as the token. Your wallet balance of BUSD should be displayed.

  4. In the lower field, select DEC as the token.

  5. Enter the amount of BUSD you would like to swap to DEC. As long as the liquidity is available, the equivalent value in DEC will then be automatically filled in.

  6. Check the details, then confirm the swap in your wallet.

Selling DEC on Cub Defi

To sell DEC from your BSC wallet, simply reverse the above steps so that DEC is being swapped for BUSD.

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