Using this simple swap tool powered by HIVE-Engine, you can instantly exchange SWAP.HIVE for DEC and vice versa.

What is TribalDEX?

TriblaDEX is a multi-purpose platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Hive blockchain like never before.

Learn more about TribalDEX here.

What is a Diesel Pool?

Diesel pools are the Hive blockchain's equivalent of Uniswap liquidity pools, which allow users to swap one type of token for another instantly and conveniently.

Find a complete list of TribalDEX Diesel Pools here.

How do I Swap in a Diesel Pool?

  1. Sign into with your Hive account, using the Keychain extension.

  2. On the DIESEL POOLS PAGE of, click on the first tab in the list, entitled "Swap."

  3. Select the token to swap From, and the token to swap To (pictured below: SWAP.HIVE -> DEC)

  4. Enter the quantity of the token to be swapped in the box to the left. The To field will then be filled in with the amount of DEC you will receive, with current prices and liquidity for both tokens displayed.

  5. Set the Max Slippage by choosing a percentage - Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price of that trade. This is typically only important with extremely volatile and high-volume tokens.

  6. Double-check the swap's details, then click the SWAP button and sign the transaction with your Hive Active key using Keychain.

If the swap is successful, you will receive a green notification and you will then see the new token added to the appropriate balance in your wallet.

Note: The wallet on TribalDEX is an alternate interface to the same wallet you'll find on HIVE-Engine (Your Hive Wallet). For instructions on transferring these DEC into Splinterlands, visit THIS PAGE.

Can I Provide Liquidity to Diesel Pools?

Yes. How to Provide Liquidity

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