Gold Foil Cards

All cards are available in a much more scarce Gold Foil variation that offers bonuses when playing and for which fewer cards are required to level up.

When opening packs, every card has a 2% chance of turning gold just after being revealed. Using an Alchemy Potion when opening packs will double your chances (4%) of a card turning gold.

Rshare Bonus

When played in Ranked battles, each Gold Foil card earns the player a 10% Rshare bonus upon their victory. This bonus can be stacked, meaning that it can be used on up to 7 cards per battle (1 Summoner and 6 Monsters). So the maximum bonus that can be earned in Ranked battles by using Gold Foil cards is 70% more Rshares per win.

Special Tournaments

Some tournaments are designed so that only Gold Foil cards can be played. These Gold Foil tournaments generally have fewer participating players and greater prize pools than regular foil tournaments. In Guild Brawls, there are also always frays that are only playable by Gold Foil cards.

Fewer Cards to Level

Because they are significantly rarer, Gold Foil cards always require fewer BCX to increase levels, no matter the rarity of the card. The exact number of BCX required varies by set; below are examples of each rarity from the Untamed set.

Common - 38 BCX are required for max level.

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