If you need technical assistance, reach out to Splinterlands Support!
Splinterlands Support will never initiate contact with you. If you receive a message from someone claiming to be Splinterlands Support, it is almost certainly a scam. Please report the user to the nearest admin and do not click any links.

Support Site

To submit a detailed support ticket, visit our dedicated Support site at support.splinterlands.com.

Discord Support

In our Discord Community, visit the tech support channel for assistance. Include as many details as possible in your query, but no secure account information. Do not post your email address or copies of receipts and transactions in public rooms. The Discord support staff will make a private thread for you if they need to request any identifying information. You can always check the Discord roles assigned to a user to verify they are in fact an official support staff member. Discord support staff will not DM you and you should only engage with them in the tech support channel.

Email Support

If you prefer to email, compile all relevant information into an email directed to [email protected].