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Season Rewards

The largest piles of rewards earned by players happen at the end of each Splinterlands season.
Season Rewards
Splinterlands seasons have various lengths, usually ranging from 12-16 days. At the end of each season, rewards are distributed to players as both Loot Chests (for the League in which they end the season), and DEC (for the top players of each League). Modern and Wild formats make use of the same season, meaning that all the ranked battles won in either the Modern or Wild battle format will contribute towards the same season rating.
A player's placement at the beginning of the next season and the Loot Chests they are able to earn depend on the maximum league achieved in the previous season between the Modern & Wild formats.

Season Rewards

The RShares earned from every ranked battle win (Modern or Wild), during a particular season - no matter what Element or cards are used - will contribute to players' season reward points (SP) for that season. The more season reward points earned during the course of the season, the more loot chests the player will be able to claim once the season ends.

Loot Chests

  • A maximum of 150 loot chests can be earned in a single season, and players in any league from Bronze to Champion have the opportunity to earn the maximum number of chests. Of course, Champion chests will have significantly larger and higher value loot in them compared to Bronze chests (see the Loot Chests page for more details), but players in all leagues will have the opportunity to open a large number of chests each season if they have earned them.
  • The type of loot chest that each player will earn in the current season is based on the maximum league achieved in the previous season between the Modern & Wild formats. For example: If a player reached Bronze II in Modern last season, but Silver III in Wild, then they will be able to earn Silver level chests in the current season.
  • It will take FAR more RShares to earn a Diamond loot chest than it will to earn loot chests for lower leagues. That means that if a player rents cards for one day and gets up to the Diamond league, so they can earn Diamond loot chests the next season if they are only playing in Bronze, or Silver, league next season they will not earn enough reward shares to get very many Diamond chests, or perhaps none at all.
Therefore it's almost always better from a rewards standpoint to have the highest league achieved in the previous season be one that you can reasonably play in and achieve a reasonable win rate in the following season.
Note: All Champion Points earned at the end of each season, will be the sum of champion points earned for Wild (if any) and the champion points earned for Modern (if any). So if a player reaches Champion in both Modern & Wild they should get the total champion points that are the sum of those earned in each format.