Sending Cards from WAX

Sending Cards Back to Splinterlands

To use this simple method of transferring cards back into Splinterlands, you must have a LINKED WAX WALLET.

  1. When looking at a card in your collection on Splinterlands, select ON WAX from the dropdown filters.

  2. Select the card or cards you wish to deposit, then click the SEND CARDS arrow icon.

  3. Confirm that you would like to send the cards to Splinterlands by opening your linked WAX wallet and confirming the transaction.

Alternate Method - Transferring Via WAX

You can also send cards from WAX to Splinterlands by creating a WAX transfer. This method works even if your Splinterlands account is not linked to your WAX wallet.

  1. Create a new transfer of assets through the TRADING PAGE of Atomic Hub.

  2. In the TO box, enter the recipient as splintrlands (with no E).

  3. In the MEMO box, enter your Splinterlands account name.

  4. Select the cards you wish to send using the filters below. They'll appear in the transfer box.

  5. Complete the transfer by confirming the transaction in your wallet.

The above method works with Splinterlands cards, tokenized booster packs, and land claims.

Alternate Method - Sending via Atomic Hub

  1. Log into the Atomic Hub deposit tool with your linked Wax wallet.

  2. Select the asset that you would like to send to Splinterlands.

  3. Enter your Splinterlands account name into the box for Splinterlands account name.

  4. Click deposit and sign the transaction.

Remember, sending a card from WAX to Splinterlands will burn the NFT on WAX, meaning that its WAX mint number will be lost forever.

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