Ranked Battle Rewards
For each ranked battle won, players earn both ranking points and Dark Energy Crystals.

Dark Energy Crystals

For each ranked battle won, players earn various amounts of Dark Energy Crystals based on several variables.
  • League - The higher the League of play, the more DEC are earned per win.
  • DEC Capture Rate - With every battle won, a player's DEC capture rate diminishes slightly, reducing the amount of DEC they are able to earn. This rate is recharging at a rate that is similar to HIVE voting power.
  • Win Streak - Players earn more DEC per win when that win is part of a winning streak (3 or more in a row).
  • Set and Foil Bonuses - Players earn more 10% more DEC for every Alpha card played in each battle, and 10% more for every Gold Foil card played.
  • Guild Bonuses - There is a set DEC bonus for members of a Guild that depends on the level of their Guild Hall.

Ranking Points

Ranking points determine the maximum League at which a player can compete at any time. They are gained when ranked battles are won, and lost when ranked battles are lost. They also determine the leaderboards for each League.
The number of ranking points gained for each victory depends on:
  • Whether your opponent is higher or lower than you in rank.
  • Your win streak.


In Q3 of 2021, Splintershards are being added to the game as additional play-to-earn rewards. For a full list of prerequisites and details on the play-to-earn mechanics of Splintershards, visit THIS PAGE of the SPS Whitepaper.
In total, 900,000,000 SPS tokens from the max supply of 3 billion (30%) will be distributed over the 65 month release as play-to-earn rewards.