Ranked Battle Rewards

For each ranked battle won, players earn both ranking points and Dark Energy Crystals.

Ranked Rewards:

The ranked reward system has been put into place to allow each player across all leagues the opportunity to earn increased rewards for daily participation in a sustainable way for battles played with real cards (whether owned or rented).

For each Modern or Wild Ranked Battle won the player will be rewarded with R-Shares (Reward Shares) as well as Splintershards (SPS)

The use of Gold Foil and older edition cards in battle, being on a win-streak, and benefits from the guild quest lodge will increase not only your RShare rewards from ranked battles but also your daily quest and season rewards!

What are RShares:

  • RShares (Reward Shares) are earned from Modern or Wild ranked battle wins and will determine the season and daily rewards in addition to SPS rewards.

  • RShares (Reward Shares) earned in both Modern and Wild formats contribute to a player’s Daily Focus and Season Rewards.

(See RShares Page for full details)

Earning Splintershards (SPS) and Reward Shares (RShares)

There are 2 SPS reward pools, of equal size. One pool for Modern battles, and one pool for Wild battles, which operate independently of each other. For each Modern or Wild ranked battle won, players earn various amounts of SPS based on several variables.

  • League - The higher the League of play, the more SPS can be earned per win. (This applies to the Bronze III - Champion I Leagues)

  • Win Streak - Players earn more Reward Shares per win when that win is part of a winning streak (2 or more in a row).

  • Set and Foil Bonuses - Players earn 10% more Reward Shares for every Alpha or Promo card, 5% more for every Beta card, and 10% more for every Gold Foil card played in a ranked battle. (Depending on the playable cards for your battle selection)

  • Guild Bonuses - There is a set SPS bonus for members of a Guild that depends on the level of their Guild Lodge.

  • Using focus-specific cards - The use of focus-specific cards will provide a 10% bonus per focus-related card used, to the overall reward shares earned, which will apply to focus points, season points, and SPS earned from the battle.

What is a Starter Card:

  • Starter Cards are the cards that can be used by players in battles even if they don't own (or haven't rented) them.

  • Starter cards are indicated by an S on a blue banner in the upper corner:

How Does Starter Cards Affect Ranked Rewards:

  • Each "starter card" used in a ranked battle win will REDUCE the RShares earned, with 100% starter cards used amounting to 0 RShares.

Why Does the Use of Starter Cards Reduce My Rewards:

  • Starter cards are unlimited (in the sense that there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be created), add no value to the ecosystem, and have a claim on the reward pool. This means that as more and more accounts are created and are playing with starter cards, more and more value is being removed from the reward pools without any value being put in.

Ranking Points

Ranking points determine the maximum League in which a player can compete at any time. They are gained when Modern or Wild Ranked Battles are won, and lost when Modern or Wild Ranked Battles are lost. They also determine the leaderboards for each League.

The number of ranking points gained for each victory depends on:

  • Whether your opponent is higher or lower than you in rank.

  • Your win streak.

  • If your current ranking is above the amount needed to advance to a new league.

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