Ranked Battle Rewards

Ranked Rewards:

The ranked reward system has been put into place to allow each player across all leagues the opportunity to earn increased rewards for daily participation in a sustainable way for battles played with real cards (whether owned or rented).

For each Modern or Wild Ranked Battle won the player will be rewarded with Glint, Rating Points, and Staked Splintershards (SPS). Glint and SPS are calculated from RShares (Reward Shares). Glint may be spent in the Rewards Shop while Staked SPS must be unstaked before burning for DEC, or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

  • Players receive +20 Rating Points for wins, and -20 Rating Points for losses.

  • Win Streaks grants players +40 Rating Points rather than the +20.

    • Champion League is exempt from +40 for Win Steaks.

Earning Splintershards (SPS) and Glint

There are 2 SPS reward pools, of equal size. One pool for Modern battles, and one pool for Wild battles, which operate independently. For each Modern or Wild ranked battle won, players earn various amounts of SPS and Glint based on several variables.

  • SPS Reward Multiplier - The more SPS players have staked, the higher the rewards multiplier. Staked SPS can be rented or accumulated via Ranked Play.

  • League - The higher the League of play, the more SPS can be earned per win. (This applies to the Bronze III - Champion I Leagues)

  • Win Streak - Players earn more Reward Shares per win when that win is part of a win streak (2 or more in a row).

  • Set and Foil Bonuses - Players earn 10% more Reward Shares for every Alpha or Promo card, 5% more for every Beta card, and 10% more for every Gold Foil card played in a ranked battle. Please Note: Alpha/Beta bonuses are only available in Wild Format.

  • Guild Bonuses - There is a set SPS bonus for members of a Guild that depends on the level of their Guild Lodge.

  • Format - Players in Modern Format earn 50% more Glint than players in Wild Format.

Starter Card Penalty:

  • Every player begins the game with a set of Starter Cards which allow players to battle before renting or purchasing cards. Each starter card used in a ranked battle win will REDUCE the RShares earned, with 100% Starter Cards used amounting to 0 RShares.

  • Only common and rare Modern Cards from the Rebellion and Chaos Legion sets are included.

  • There are distinct differences when viewing starter cards in your collection. The starter card (on the left below) has a blue flag with an S in the top right corner and is more transparent.

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