Transferring DEC to Ethereum

Learn how to transfer DEC to your linked Ethereum wallet.

Transferring DEC to your LINKED Ethereum wallet is easy, but you will be required to pay the Ethereum network fees (gas) required for the transaction. Therefore it is highly recommended to only send larger amounts of DEC to Ethereum at a time.

1) Start at the DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS Menu by clicking on your DEC balance at the top of the page.

At this menu, you will see the DEC balances of all your linked wallets that are able to hold DEC.

2) Select ETHEREUM WALLET from the dropdown menu and note that there will be 10,000 DEC deducted from the transfer to cover the gas fees of the transaction. Therefore the amount of DEC you transfer must be greater than 10,000.

3) Click TRANSFER OUT to send your DEC out of the game and into your linked Ethereum wallet. You will need to confirm the transaction in your Ethereum wallet.

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