Reward Edition Cards
Cards from the Reward Edition can only be earned from playing or purchased from the secondary market, which makes them especially unique.
Reward cards can only be found in Loot Chests, but in the player's collection, they behave the same as all other Splinterlands cards. They can be combined, burned, transferred, or bought and sold on the secondary market.

Reward Card Supply

There are always somewhere between 30 and 40 different Reward cards currently being released in Loot Chests. This period of finding the cards in Loot Chests is known as the print run or the supply run. When several Reward cards' supply runs have ended, brand new Reward cards are released.
Reward cards are released until a specific number of cards has been printed, so they can be tracked on a percentage printed basis. One of our community members, @kiokizz, has created THIS TOOL that tracks Reward card print runs in real-time.
Reward Cards are printed in the following numbers:
  • Legendary - 10,000 printed
  • Epic - 40,000 printed
  • Rare - 100,000 printed
  • Common - 400,000 printed
Once the print runs have ended for each Reward card, that card can only be found (when available) on the secondary card markets, and the circulation of that card can only decrease.
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