Discord Moderation
Recommended privacy settings and Using Discord Roles to confirm Splinterlands Staff Identity
As Splinterlands grows, more and more scammers are targeting our community. While we can not control the use of Discord direct messages (DMs), we have implemented roles on our Discord server so that users in our community have a way to know for sure that they are communicating with official Splinterlands staff.
Please be very suspicious of Direct Messages. We strongly recommend that you disable the Splinterlands Discord privacy setting “Allow direct messages from server members”. You can right click on the server and choose “Privacy Settings” to find this setting.
Privacy Setting - Disable DMs
A prevalent scam that we see daily is scammers creating fake discord accounts with names like “Technical Support” or “Splinterlands” and DM'ing users posing as technical support staff when they see them ask for assistance on our Discord server.
Please note that the Splinterlands Support Team will never DM you. If you get an unsolicited DM that appears to be from tech support, it is a scam. If you are ever in doubt, communicate on the Splinterlands server (preferably in the #tech-support channel) so that you can ensure that you are communicating with the real Splinterlands team.
@hardpoint posted an official update last week briefly mentioning experimenting with tweaks to Discord roles and colors. The experiments have been a success, and the changes will become permanent. The following image shows details about the new roles and how you can use them to verify who is part of the official Splinterlands team. You can tell by the color of their name, the icon to the right of their name, and the hover text when you place your mouse pointer on the icon:
How to identify Splinterlands staff using Discord roles, icons, and hover text.
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