DYGYCON is a central hub for community networking Hosted by Splinterlands on Inverse every two months. It is a metaverse convention organized by Splinterlands that features crypto projects, presentations, giveaways, and blockchain projects you should keep an eye out for!

Where is DYGYCON

We host our event on the
Inverse | Customize and brand your virtual destination
platform for an immersive experience that everyone is sure to enjoy.


You can RSVP for the next DYGYCON event by simply clicking the 'RSVP to DYGYCON' button located on
Please Note: There is a password on the event landing page that prevents you from previewing the event space. This password enables our sponsors and the Gamerjibe team to work on customizations before the event, however, there will be NO PASSWORD on the date of the event.

Once Inside:

If you take a look at the event landing page, you’ll notice there are tabs on the right to access the schedule, preview the available rooms, a description of the event, and the current exhibits. (Unless the event is live, the event page will be locked and only accessible for sponsors with a password to enter the event.)
  • Teleport Button: This is the most common way to teleport into any available room/hall.
  • Schedule: You can teleport directly from the event landing page on the schedule tab. You can also teleport inside the event when clicking on the schedule button at the top right. During the event, when you are inside and an event is coming up, you will be prompted by a pop-up notification and asked if you’d like to teleport there.
  • Directory: When you click on any sponsor booth, you can teleport directly by clicking on the exhibitor booth’s name and then clicking the link to the “Go To Exhibit” button.

How to Become a Sponsor:

Please Visit:

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities:


  • Splinterlands
  • EMP.money
  • AtomicHub
  • Hive Blockchain
  • NFT Horizon
  • NFT Showroom
  • Blockchain Founders Fund
  • WAX Blockchain
  • Gala Games
  • Brave Browser
  • Inverse.app
  • Blockchain Game Alliance


Every DYGYCON comes with some awesome SWAG from our sponsors.
In order to collect your SWAG, you will need to complete a Wallet Collection Form that will be emailed to you after you sign up at the SWAG booth during the DYGYCON event
Please ensure you have [email protected] whitelisted!

More about DYGYCON

DYGYCON is one of the most frequent blockchain events happening on the Inverse metaverse platform. Some notable blockchain events hosted with their team include:

For any questions, feel free to comment and send an email to @waffleskitty ([email protected]).