History 2022

Here are some of the important dates throughout the history of Splinterlands, archived with links to the Splinterlands official blog.

January 04 - Partnership with F.R.I.D.A.Y Notification Service (3P Hive Tool). January 14 - Splinterlands Announces Partnership with Zipmex. LINK

January 17 - Chaos Legion General Sale Starts. LINK January 18 - In the first 24 hours of the Chaos Legion general sale, there were a total of 2,109,682 packs sold plus 231,746 bonus packs awarded in 27,249 separate purchase transactions. Three Airdrop cards were released simultaneously LINK January 23 - Splinterlands Announces Partnership with TeraBlock. LINK January 27 - Release of the Splinterlands knowledge center, ticket portal & live chat. LINK February 15 - Waka Flocka Partnership Announcement. LINK

February 23 - Warner Music Group Partnership Announcement. LINK February 24 - Waka Spiritblade promo card sale goes live. LINK February 28 - The release of the TerraBlock Bridge is announced. LINK

March 1 - Splinterlands appears live from the NASDAQ. LINK March 3 - Zipmex lists the SPS governance token on their exchange. LINK

March 3 - New SPS Minter Contract Released on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). LINK March 10 - The Waka Spiritblade Atomic Hub Sale Goes Live. LINK

March 16 - Community Gaming enters into partnership with Splinterlands. LINK March 21 - Splinterlands presents its first miniature figurines and other merch March 24 - Splinterlands attends its first GDC event. LINK March 30 - Splinterlands TV launches streaming 24/7 Splinterlands content live on Twitch. LINK March 31 - SPS is listed with Crypto.com with an SPS:USDT trading pair option. LINK

May 22 - New reward system is implemented into Splinterlands and set to go live on May 31st. LINK May 25 - Validator Presale goes live and sells out within the first 10 Minutes. LINK

June 8 - First Validator Node License rewards are issued in the form of Vouchers. LINK June 28 - The New Ranked Rewards system is implemented in Splinterlands. LINK July 14 - Modern and Wild battle formats go live. LINK

July 26 - SPS & DEC Liquidity Provider rewards started. LINK August 02 - EMP & Huobi Partnership commences. LINK August 8 - The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) announced its partnership with Splinterlands. LINK August 23 - SPS rewards for ranked battles and season rewards. LINK August 24 - 3 Billion Splinterlands matches played to date. LINK August 30 - SPS Governance voting is implemented. LINK September 14 - Sps validator node license rewards go live. September 15 - Riftwatchers presale goes live and sells out in 1 minute 39 seconds. LINK

September 15 - Tranche 1 Node Licenses Sold Out. September 20 - Tower defense presale goes live and sells out within a day. LINK September 22 - Runicore whitelist presale sells out in under 2 minutes. LINK

September 27 - Rift Watcher packs become openable and playable in Splinterlands.

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