Earning DEC
Dark Energy Crystals are earned by Battle Mages for every Ranked Battle win.

Play-to-Earn Rewards

Dark Energy Crystals are one type of reward that is earned from Ranked Battles in Splinterlands. Only Battle Mages who have upgraded their accounts by purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook are eligible to earn DEC with every win.

DEC Reward Pool

Ranked battles are one of the main ways in which Dark Energy Crystals are produced. There is always a pool of DEC rewards, and that pool is constantly divided among the current winning players. This is why the amount of DEC that can be earned per win is always fluctuating. The amount rewarded to each player always depends on the total amount of DEC in the pool, as well as several other factors (listed below)

Variables that Determine DEC Earnings per Win

  • Current League of play - The greater your League, the greater your earnings
  • Total number of players battling - When fewer players are battling, your share of rewards is greater.
  • DEC Capture Rate - Maximum DEC can be earned with a capture rate of 100%.
  • Win Streak - When in a win streak, a 5% DEC bonus is awarded.
  • Use of Gold Foil Cards - Each Gold Foil card earns a 10% bonus.
  • Use of Alpha/Promo cards - Use of each Alpha/Promo card earns a 10% bonus.
  • Guild bonus - Depending on the level of your Guild's Quest Lodge, you can earn a bonus of up to 20%.