Energy Capture Rate (ECR)
ECR is a fluctuating player statistic that limits the amount of Dark Energy Crystals that can be earned for a given Ranked battle.
When a player's Energy Capture Rate (ECR) is full, it is at 100% then it gradually diminishes every time they play a Ranked battle, and regenerates with time. When ECR is full, it is at 100%.
Ranked battles will cause a player’s ECR to be reduced by 1% of the current total. As ECR decreases, DEC earnings and Focus points per win are reduced.
ECR regenerates at a rate of 25% every 24 hours, or 1.04% per hour. To maximize your potential earnings, it is recommended to play about 25 Ranked battles per day. You can play more, but to keep things balanced, your earnings will continue to drop in line with your ECR.
At 50% ECR, you will earn exactly 50% of the Dark Energy Crystals you would earn if your ECR were at 100%.
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