Acquiring HIVE

There are several ways to acquire HIVE in order to power up your account.

1. Purchasing from an Exchange

HIVE and HBD are available on several Exchanges, most of which require personal accounts verified through a KYC process. Please do your own research concerning which exchange is best for you and follow the regulations of your country when dealing with exchanges.

It is also not recommended to hold any amount of HIVE or HBD in a wallet that is owned by an exchange. Instead, it is recommended to only use the exchange while exchanging your crypto, then transfer it to a Hive wallet to which you have control of the account keys.

Sending from Exchange to your HIVE Account

Find the exchange's option to withdraw your HIVE. The target "address" is simply your Hive account name. No memo is required for the transaction. The withdraw may take several minutes, depending on the exchange's verification process.

2. Generating HIVE Power

All payouts from creating and curating content on Hive are rewarded in a combination of HIVE Power and HBD (Hive Blockchain Dollars). The creator also has the option to receive these rewards in 100% HIVE Power.

3. Having HIVE Power Delegated to You

It's easy for existing Hive blockchain users with staked HIVE to delegate HIVE Power to your account. Ownership of the HIVE is still the original owner's, but the custodial powers of it are temporarily transferred to the person to whom it is delegated (voting, resource credits, etc.)

This can be done through the Keychain extension, or through the wallet at or

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