Daily Focus Rewards

Loot Chests can be earned by completing Daily Focus.

Daily Focus:

Once in every 24-hour period, players may complete a Daily Focus that is assigned to them at random rotation. A player's Daily Focus will either be based on the use of a specific Element or on using cards with certain abilities.

  • Element Based focus requires players to make use of the Element featured for that specific focus.

  • Ability-Based focus: Each of the various Ability-Based Daily Focuses concentrates on a few different abilities with a common theme. For example, a focus is based on playing at least one card that has either the Sneak, Snipe, or Opportunity ability.

The Daily Focus can be satisfied by competing in ranked battles from either the Wild or Modern format.

Please note that not all of these ability-based focuses will be available in the lower leagues, due to fewer cards having certain abilities in lower leagues.

Below is a summary of the Daily Focuses and the Leagues from which they will be playable in.

When a player receives an Element-based daily focus, it is important to note that the focus Element is not guaranteed to be active in all ranked battles that the player plays during the 24-hour period. Having a more diverse selection of cards (rented or owned) to ensure they will have cards from an active element in each battle is a great advantage.


The rewards for completing the Daily Focus are given in the form of loot chests, with the number of chests earned depending on the total amount of RShares they have earned from ranked battle wins. Each ranked battle win will contribute focus points toward their daily chests even if no daily focus cards are used, however, each card used that follows the daily focus requirements will give a 10% bonus to the number of RShares earned for that battle. This does not include cards that receive a focus-related ability through summoner buffs. Below are some examples to clarify,

Example 1, Element-based focus: If a player gets the Fire focus and they play and he plays 1 dragon summoner, 4 fire monsters, and 2 neutral monsters (4 cards from the Fire Element in total), they will receive a 40% bonus. If they had played a Fire Summoner and 6 monsters from the fire element (7 cards from the Fire Element in total) they would have gotten a 70% bonus instead.

Example 2, Ability-based Focus: If a player gets the Reflect focus and they play and he plays 1 summoner with magic reflect, 4 monsters that have either backfire, return fire or magic reflect, and 2 monsters that have none of the required abilities for the Reflect focus (5 ability-based cards for their daily focus in total), they will receive a 50% bonus. Note that only monster units that naturally have the required ability will qualify for this bonus (a unit that receives the required ability through summoner buffs will not qualify).

The RShares earned from every ranked battle win during those 24 hours will contribute to players’ focus points (FP). The more focus points earned during the 24-hour period, the more loot chests the player will be able to claim and open once the period ends. Using focus-specific cards will provide a bonus to the overall RShares earned, which will apply to focus points, season points, and SPS earned from the battle, just like the other bonuses that can be earned by using gold foil cards or older edition cards.

To earn RShares, you must be at least Bronze III in either the Modern or Wild format. For example, you can be Novice in Wild and Bronze III in Modern, and then you will be able to earn rewards from Modern battles but not from Wild battles. Reward Points earned in both Modern and Wild formats contribute to a player’s Daily Focus and Season Rewards.

Loot Chests:

A maximum of 30 loot chests can be earned for each daily focus, and players in any league from Bronze to Champion have the opportunity to earn the maximum number of chests. There are different types of loot chests, one corresponding to each league (Bronze - Champion), with higher league chests containing significantly more / higher valued rewards. And the chests earned for daily focus rewards are the same as the chests earned for season rewards. (See the Loot Chests page for more details).

A player’s Daily Focus loot chest tier will be based on the current best league between the Modern & Wild formats at the time the Daily Focus is started. Example: If a player is in Bronze II in Modern, and Silver III in Wild, and they start (or refresh) a Daily Focus, then the chest tier for the new Daily Focus will be Silver.

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