This is the current roadmap for Splinterlands plans and development. Everything in this roadmap is estimated and subject to change.

2nd Quarter - 2021

    Card delegation system updates
    On-site card rental system implementation
    Completion of SPS private token sale

3rd Quarter - 2021

    New partners and advisors to be announced
    Daily SPS airdrops begin
    Release of Praetoria map
    Updates and expansion to Guild Brawl system
    Addition of Gladiator cards to Brawl system
    Redemption of Land Claims
    Implementation of Splintershards (SPS) governence token begins
    Release of Chaos Legion, next core set of Splinterlands cards
    SPS LP incentives launch
    SPS tournament prizes
    SPS battle, staking and Guild rewards

4th Quarter - 2021

    Launch of SPS in-game governance
    Launch of SPS Land Expansion rewards
    Full release of Splinterlands Land Expansion

1st Quarter - 2022

    Launch of SPS DAO
    Launch of SPS Oracles
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